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Lilium Tigrinum – Lil T

Source The Tiger Lily plant is a beautiful flower originating from the East, in particular China. The flowers are all colours with six petals in usually two or three spirals. The Tiger Lily in particular is commonly orange in colour with purple inky spots… Continue Reading “Lilium Tigrinum – Lil T”


Source Hyoscyamus is derived from the plant known as Henbane and in particular is known as ‘Hairy Henbane.’ It is considered to be a highly poisonous plant causing symptoms such as hallucinatory madness to profound sleepiness all of which are apparent in the remedy… Continue Reading “Hyoscyamus”


Drosera Source A member of the Sundew family due to the sticky substances upon it that attracts insects as its food source. It is classified as an insectivorus plant due to the fact that it traps insects and digests them by utilising the release… Continue Reading “Drosera”