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Choice and it’s your right to choose

Upon reading the papers and watching the news channels, I am shocked at the people being attacked by fellow citizens on the choices they make. In particular, the focus on the right to face mask or not. Yes, if you don’t want to wear… Continue Reading “Choice and it’s your right to choose”

Easing Lockdown anxiety

I was reading an article a few days back (probably exaggerated as was in the tabloid media) that approximately 60% of the population do not want to return to the pre-covid19 era, feeling anxious about the easing of the lockdown and the outside world… Continue Reading “Easing Lockdown anxiety”

Blog and Site Refresh

Well, during lockdown it was time for a rethink. Watch this space as new posts coming soon regarding general wellbeing, be it recipes, hobbies or natural health and nutrition tips etc. Everything and Anything about how to maintain our wellbeing

May the Force Be With You

The festivities of December and end of 2014 are now beginning to fade and probably like some people, I find February a hard month to get through, (even though it’s the shortest month of our calendar) mostly due to the fact it’s the middle… Continue Reading “May the Force Be With You”

Useful Natural Health Tip

Useful Natural Health Tip for this time of year from Healthy Holistic Living Click on the link above to take you to the Healthy Holistic Living tip.

First Village Homeopathy Survey Results

  Patient Satisfaction Survey The first survey monkey review of discharged patients from Village Homeopathy was undertaken over the last week. As the clinic is relatively new, the patient group targeted for the survey was 4 people. Great results with comments such as:- Q… Continue Reading “First Village Homeopathy Survey Results”

Eczema Awareness Week 13th to 21st September

  Image courtesy of arztsamui, at    Eczema symptoms are particular to the individual meaning that, each person may experience their eczema in a totally different way to another and in different places over the body. A Homeopath may be able… Continue Reading “Eczema Awareness Week 13th to 21st September”

Antibiotic ‘apocalypse’ warning