Choice and it’s your right to choose

Upon reading the papers and watching the news channels, I am shocked at the people being attacked by fellow citizens on the choices they make. In particular, the focus on the right to face mask or not. Yes, if you don’t want to wear a face mask due to your own beliefs so be it but attacking people, evading their personal space and invoking your own negative energy onto someone who chooses to wear one should not be the choice you actually choose. What if that person has just ventured out from shielding for the first time, what underlying health issues do they have that makes them feel extremely vulnerable, exiting that front door for nearly three months? Stop and think. We live in a society made up of choices so who are we to judge someone else because of they want and personally feel they need to do.

Thinking about Choice more widely, how many choices do we make each and every day? I have decided today to write this blog post? did I actively choose to do so ….. Yes I actually did. What I had for breakfast, what I am having to drink at this moment and what I will do with my day is actually my choice. But, what if we have to make a choice that isn’t as easy to make? Perhaps we have been made redundant and need to choose a new path. A new relationship, to get fit, to change something about our lives that potentially has a long term impact…. See choices are everywhere and we should all feel free to make them and learn from the mistakes that may be made as a result or celebrate the successes those bring.

So what can you do about choices and what support is out there to help you make them. Firstly, there are loved ones and friends. Talk them through with them. What would they do? How can they support you wit the choice to be made? Complete a SWOT analysis. Look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the choice you are faced with. Pros and cons lists even. There are a myriad of tools, self-help assessments and other ways that can support you. You don’t have to make a choice on your own. If like me, you are facing the end of shielding a the end of July here in the UK and slightly anxious about going out in the big wide world with the virus still circulating widely in the community, the Pros and Cons list can help. Personally, I am making the choice to wear a mask in all situations outside of my home for a period of time, again my choice and not for everybody and immune support via a great supplement I have been taking called Multi-guard. A combination daily supplement of minerals and vitamins with plant antioxidants at a high potency. After a fair amount of research this supplement seemed to fit my personal needs and will continue to take it for the foreseeable future. The cons of me not biting the bullet and going out is I continue to shield, and isolate myself from the world I actually enjoy being part of. So my choice here is to prepare my body and mind over the next few weeks for a slow and gentle reintegration back into my communities. I have two things I would like to do… 1) wait for a sunny day (can’t choose the weather) and sit outside a coffee shop sipping a nice bean roasted coffee and 2) actually going to a supermarket to choose my fresh fruit and vegetables myself instead of relying on someone to choose which ones for me for my food delivery. Their choices but not necessarily the ones I would choose for myself, but I am grateful nonetheless that the priority food delivery service has provided me with my orders or refund requests, without too many problems over the last few months.

If you are faced with choices and you need something to give you clarity of mind, there is a great homeopathic remedy too that can help you focus and support decision making. It works on reducing restlessness at night, when you are tossing and turning as the mind won’t switch off and can reduce the anxiety levels from this choice or that choice internal debates. Kalium Silicicum is a deep acting remedy and one I would recommend when worrying about ‘big’ choices that are to be made. Start off with a 30c potency and see how it goes and always best to consult with a registered homeopathic practitioner to ensure that this remedy is right for you in line with other treatments you may be accessing.

So there you have it choices are your right to choose. Don’t let people ‘abuse’ you if you choose to be different. It’s your life and you do have the right to choose how to live it.


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