Baking for Well-being

One of my kitchen based interests is baking, not on a professional basis by any means but cakes, biscuits or home made snack bars.

The biscuits pictures are the Australian Anzac biscuits, a great breakfast biscuit as packed with oats, some sugar and a naughty bit of butter and golden syrup!

So why baking for Well-being? Whilst baking you don’t really have a choice than to be mindful of the task in hand… measuring, mixing, adding this and that at certain times, making sure the consistency is just right. Concentrating on making sure everything is just so before popping them into the oven to do its magic. It’s a time for being in the moment, that moment when what is happening outside doesn’t matter, the moment when I am creating something that, with a finished product is hopefully worth it.

There you have it Baking for Well-being and something good to eat after!

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