Morning Coffee

During lockdown and because no holidays are on the cards for sometime, a treat arrived at the house. A bean to cup coffee machine! This piece of kitchen tech has been a life saver for my well-being because of two main reasons:

1. I absolutely love coffee and an average cup of a good coffee has some nutritional benefits;

2. In the normal world as was, I liked nothing better than treating myself to a good coffee in a local coffee shop, and sitting there between meetings gathering my thoughts and savouring the taste of the elixirs, made from a decent bean!

Coffee itself in an average cup is high in antioxidants, has aprox 11% RDA of Vit B2 (riboflavin) and 6% RDA vit B5. Obviously it has caffiene in it which should be drank in moderation!


So here’s to the start of another day with a wonderful fresh bean to cup coffee made at home!

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