Easing Lockdown anxiety

I was reading an article a few days back (probably exaggerated as was in the tabloid media) that approximately 60% of the population do not want to return to the pre-covid19 era, feeling anxious about the easing of the lockdown and the outside world as a whole. Upon reading further, some other articles highlighted that it wasn’t necessarily the fear of catching the coronavirus as such but rather the thought of having to go back into the outside world.

Some people have experienced incredible loneliness and isolation as a result of the restrictions over the last few months and I cannot even start to think of what they went through as the doors were shut around them and they found themselves completely alone, let’s hope they are beginning to feel the benefits of the lockdown restrictions easing somewhat. However, there are some, like myself who have been shielding, working from home and, in a way have enjoyed being in my support bubble without having to keep pace with how life was prior to the lockdown beginning in March.

With the shielding planned on being lifted fully at the end of July, the date brings with it a mix of emotions. Yes… freedom but also trepidation on having to return to a normally chaotic world, busy routine and headspace being used up with outside matters rather than with those within my now, new comfort bubble.

So what can I do about it? Well, recently with the permission to go outside, I took the camera out and decided to take some pictures of my surroundings, and see the tranquility and peace in the new world I now find myself in. There is something about seeing the scene but also detaching from it somewhat when you look down a lens of the camera. That feeling of being there but not actively being seen. The not actively being seen is the part I think I am holding on to.

So what can I or others feeling this way do about it. To begin with, I am thinking about the parts of the shielding I have enjoyed and realistically take forward and recreate in the new world I am about to re-enter. Things like the chilling out more, the periods of reflection and the creative side of my brain with reigniting my inner photographer. I actually managed to complete my photography diploma over this period with a final photographic portfolio being taken from within the four walls of the house. Spending time reading too and actually picking up the industry magazines that come through my door and reading the articles instead of it just sitting on the coffee table as it does until the next issue drops through the letterbox. All of these things I can take with me from my bubble!

So what am I going to do about re-entering the world that is out there? Yes it is an anxious time, yes there are the worries of the coronavirus and all that comes with it. Yes there is the return to the office instead of having time at home working and using the tech to keep in touch, chair meetings and share work etc, but it has to happen sometime right? At least I am one of the lucky ones who has a job to go back to, unlike many people we know who have the added burden of losing their jobs, resulting in financial worries going forward.

There is also the added benefit of the myriad of natural remedies that can help too. The Bach Flower remedies for example, mindfulness thinking and meditation and of course I couldn’t get away without mentioning a couple of Homeopathic remedies to boot. (Well I am a registered Homeopath after all).

A couple of remedies that spring to mind would be:-

Aconite for a intense sudden anxiety, panic or fear – Have this on you at a 30c remedy for a first aid remedy and take one tablet if you suddenly experience the symptoms just mentioned.

Calcarea Carbonica (Calc-Carb) can support you at a more constitutional level. I like to consider this remedy when your solid foundation has been compromised. Just like the Oyster it comes from…… Grows on a solid foundation, within a safe hub of its shell and can close itself off from the world. Calc Carb is great for apprehension, and anxiety with palpitations. I would suggest this remedy is taken at a 200c potency.

In summary if you are feeling a bit apprehensive or anxious about re-entering the new world the following things could help:-

  1. What did you like about lockdown and what can you take with you going forward?
  2. Find a reason to go out. It could be with a camera for example.
  3. Try the remedies if you want to.
  4. Talk to someone. Find someone you can have that honest conversation with about how you are feeling and work together to support you getting out there.
  5. If your anxiety is affecting you to a level where your everyday life is being or in danger of being impaired by your anxiety levels then please talk to your Doctor, who may be able to help and source some talking therapies for your support.
  6. And last but no means list, try a gratitude journal for. few days and note down one thing you have been grateful for the easing of lockdown. I know I will think about one each day and you never know we may actually enjoy it.

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