Spring has arrived, the clocks moved forward  and the season of hope, a time of awakening and coming alive is upon us. Such an energetic and revitalising season, don’t you think? One I love and the season where I start to come alive with energy, vitality and vigour. Not surprising really, considering I am a living organism that will benefit from the earth’s axis tilting more towards the sun and the increased light it brings as the season progresses.

Spring for the Homeopath can bring with it some new challenges with the patients presenting in clinic, with seasonal allergies, insect bites and stings and patients requiring psychological support as they too, like the plants, seek new beginnings and can, at times set themselves unachievable goals which life always seems to get in the way of.

Nutrition wise, Spring is a great season too as some great foods are now coming into season, which, as so often happens in nature, are ready just in time for when our body’s need them. The avocado for example, wiAvacadoth 100g providing 160 calories, only 2.1g of saturated fats, 3%  of Potassium RDA which helps enhance muscle strength, metabolism and water balance, 16% of Vitamin C (excellent as an extra boost to immune system health) and 15% of our RDA for Vit B-6. A great vitamin that aids the production of Haemoglobin, supporting the development and maintenance of brain function. This nifty little vitamin also helps helps the body make hormones such as serotonin, great for mood regulation, Melatonin, to help regulate sleep and internal clock system. (definitely needed this time of year due to the clock change) and Norepinephrine to support the body to cope with stress. So there you have it. Only one of nature’s gifts this time of year that most definitely packs a punch!

So where’s the homeopathic challenge here? Seasonal allergies can begin to show in some patients and it is here, that we can really set up the patient to cope with the symptoms before they fully arrive. One of my remedy ‘must haves’ is a mixed pollen remedy that is a great first aid remedy and excellent if the patient cannot fully identify the type of pollen allergen that is the causative factor in their symptomatology. Once this has been identified then a more accurate remedy can be prescribed to support the vital force with the true similimum.

For insect bites and in particular stings, my go to remedy is Apis, usually prescribed at a 200c for first aid use and is excellent to relieve the swelling, redness and ‘stinging’ pain that can be experienced. Belladonna is also great for that sudden hot pain, if you don’t happen to have Apis in your first aid remedy kit.

So here’s to Spring everyone and let’s hope that whatever you are hoping to achieve over the coming seasons, this one gives you a great start, an excellent foundation from which to grow and achieve your hopes, dreams and ambitions.

For my clinic please follow the link below

David Feakes at Broadwater Osteopathic Clinic


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