The Pollen Counts!!


It is the time of year when those people susceptible to Hayfever begin to feel their nose itching and can experience the annoying morning and evening sneezing. You have guessed it, the pollen is beginning to rise and fall as we enter spring and with summer just around the corner, there is no better time than to consult your Homeopath, who may be able to help.

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The ‘like with like’ principle that underpins Homeopathic philosophy is more obvious with hayfever remedies and is a good place to start if you are thinking about seeking a more natural treatment for the year ahead.

Three excellent remedies that come to mind when discussing Homeopathy include:-

Allium Cepa. (Red Onion) Excellent remedy when you have burning streaming eyes, a bunged up runny nose, causing a congested headache that seems to get worse in the evening. A warm room affecting the symptoms is key to this remedy as everything seems to get worse when in one! Sneezing starts, headache worsens and the burning in the eyes can become unbearable. If you are a hayfever sufferer and you always seem better when in the open air, then this could be the remedy for you.

Sabadilla – As with most hayfever symptoms, sneezing is again apparent in this remedy; however, it can be constant, inside and out in the open air. The eyes are again watery, but this time there can be a sensation of burning in the eyelids which can appear red. The throat can be sore and swallowing makes the pain worse. A headache that causes dizziness can be present and if you feel your hearing is affected by being bunged then this points to Sabadilla as an ideal remedy for you this season.

Sinapsis Nigra (Black Mustard)  This is a great remedy when your nose runs on one side and the other nostril is constantly blocked. The symptoms can also alternate between nostrils through the day. When your nose runs, it can feel burning hot and weirdly dry! This time the throat is sore but with a sensation as though you have scalded it with a hot drink. So you if suffer from symptoms like this and you feel better for lying down in a darkened room then Sinapsis Nigra could be what you are looking for.

These remedies are great as a symptom relief but it can best to visit a homeopath so they can find the remedy that best suits you as an individual and hopefully you can find some relief from your hayfever suffering as the pollen attacks.

If you would like an appointment with David then please visit his website by clicking on Village Homeopathy below:-




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