May the Force Be With You

The festivities of December and end of 2014 are now beginning to fade and probably like some people, I find February a hard month to get through, (even though it’s the shortest month of our calendar) mostly due to the fact it’s the middle of winter, short dark days are still dragging on and the winter bugs are constantly bombarding us. So no wonder I feel tired, lethargic, as if my energy and vitality has been left behind with Xmas and New Year celebrations.

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Vitality. So what is it?

It can be described as ‘the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things,’ or ‘physical or mental vigour’. In essence we all have it and most of us at some time will feel that this has been or is being compromised by stress, physical illness or a life event that has knocked us off balance.

It is this effect, that myself as a homeopath aims to treat with my patients due to the impact life events or illness can have on someone’s vitality. In Homeopathic philosophy, vitality and the innate energy that drives it is known as the ‘vital force’, a name I like on a non-professional level as it describes both something that is needed and something to drive it, in order to maintain a balance in our health and wellbeing. The goal of the Homeopathic consultation is to gather as much information about the patient as possible, complete a comprehensive medical history, including physical, psychological and emotional symptoms both past and present, to find a remedy that is as close to the symptoms being experienced as possible and at a strength or potency as it is known, that matches the impact on the patient’s vital force to bring about healing and balance on all levels.

If you want to rebalance your vital force to get you through the last part of winter, ready to face the rest of the year, then this may just be the therapy you are looking for. Feel free to make contact with me via a visit my website:-

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