Proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt in an Italian Court

Those who know me and have experienced my practice as a Homeopath will know that my personal and professional stance on the big issues surrounding vaccination. That is;

  • Make an informed choice and decision;
  • Read as much evidence and information as you can find from reputable sources such as the NHS or the informed parent.
  • It is ultimately your decision and no one should feel bullied into either having a vaccination or refusing it by either allopathic or homeopathic/ complementary practitioners.
Saying all of the above, it is rare for me to share an article on vaccination in the first place. The sceptic community constantly berates homeopaths about providing evidence on the philosophy and success we all know works within this natural system of medicine and the article the link below will take you to, is evidence from an Italian court of law that awarded compensation for vaccine induced autism back in September 2014. It is important to note in the court case that it is not the concept of vaccination that is in question here but the added chemical components the pharmaceutical companies add to the vaccine compound, which leads to me thinking that there must be more natural substances they can use in vaccines to ensure safety and minimise side effects caused.

For more information on vaccination:

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