First Village Homeopathy Survey Results


Patient Satisfaction Survey

The first survey monkey review of discharged patients from Village Homeopathy was undertaken over the last week.

As the clinic is relatively new, the patient group targeted for the survey was 4 people.

Great results with comments such as:-

Q If you feel Homeopathy helped? Please state how you feel it has helped.

The doctors couldn’t do anything, nothing they gave me worked. After 6 weeks of homeopathy I was all clear

By working through many emotional issues from my past, it has helped me to concentrate on many old issues I was holding on to which in turn has helped put control back in my life which has allowed me to not focus on food as an issue

Being asked questions about the problem and working through the symptoms at great depth to a full understanding of the ongoing problem

Feel I have peeled many layers and have an understanding of my problem


 Q. Please write a few words on your experience of Village Homeopathy?


The whole experience was very relaxed. I was put at ease immediately and actually felt do much better even after just talking. I would definitely recommend it.

Fantastic way of working through so many layers of emotional issues throughout life! Has made me see so many things in a different way!

The whole experience was great. The in depth health enquiries gave me the confidence that a remedy would be found and would be beneficial in curing the problem.

It has been great to understand some of the reasons for my problem and although not 100% improved it is definitely more manageable

If you would like to book an appointment please contact

Clinics are based in Worthing and Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

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