Eczema Awareness Week 13th to 21st September

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Eczema symptoms are particular to the individual meaning that, each person may experience their eczema in a totally different way to another and in different places over the body.
A Homeopath may be able to support you.
How can Homeopathy help?
This will involve taking a full medical history, including your physical, psychological and emotional symptoms, what makes them worse? And more importantly what makes them better? We will also explore the sensations you get when a flare up occurs, such as itching or soreness. These are just some examples but your own individual experience is what matters to the Homeopath, so they can match the remedy for your particular set of symptoms and experiences.
To find out how a homeopath may be able to help you go to
If you would like to book an appointment please quote ‘Eczema awareness week’ and you will receive £10 off your initial consultation.
Clinics are available in Sompting and Haywards Heath in West Sussex.

Note: This blog post is for guidance only and not to substitute medical assistance if you require intervention from your GP or emergency services.

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