Vaginal Discharges

Medorrhinum and Thuja are probably the most frequently indicated remedies for discharges. However, others may be more suitable for the patient case picture and symptoms.   
Characteristic 1 
Characteristic 2 
Characteristic 3 
Characteristic 4 
Hepar Sulphuricum 
Blood from uterus 
Offensive Leucorrhoea (smells like old cheese 
Hot, watery discharge from uterus 
Thick yellow, acridshreddy and corroding leucorrhoea < post menses 
Bleeding after coition from vagina that is sore 
Kali Bichromicum 
Uterine prolapse < hot weather  
Yellow ropy tenacious leucorrhoea 
Menses suppression with urine or red urine 
Natrum Muriaticum 
Acrid, watery leucorrhoea. White butt gradually can turn green  
White thick leucorrhoea instead of menses 
Yellow greenish milky leucorrhoea in large lumps in little girls instead of menses 
Dryness of vagina during coition resulting in bleeding afterwards 
Foul gonorrhoeal with stitches up in the vagina from uterus to naval 

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