Useful Pancreatitis Symptoms and Rubrics to Consider (Kent Repertory)

  • Severe abdominal pain in the upper abdomen, below the sternum.
  • Penetrating pain to the back in about 50% of people.
  • Coughing with vigorous movement and deep breathing may worsen the pain
  • Sweaty and fast pulse with rapid shallow breathing.
  • Sudden pain with maximum intensity in minutes with gallstones.

Rubrics to consider
  • P.599, Abdomen, Pain Pancreas
  • P.598, Abdomen, pain, umbilical region
  • P.571, Abdomen, pain, umbilicus, region of
  • P.573, Abdoment, pain, umbilical region, coughing on
  • P.573, Abdomen, pain, hypochondrium, extending to back
  • P.766, respiration, deep, abdomen, from
  • P.762, respiration, accelerated.

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