Some useful Skin Disorder Terms

Cicatrices – is the pleural of cicatrix which is a scar caused by the formation of new connective tissue over a wound or skin sore.

Desquamation – The scales caused by the shredding or peeling of the epidermis layer of the skin

Chloasma – A skin discolouration usually appearing as brown or dark brown skin that can occur on the face in particular of a woman during pregnancy or other hormonal changes.
Lenticular – Shaped like a lense. This can also apply to the eye or cell nucleus.
Ecchymoses – The medical term for a bruise or bruised area.
Serpiginous – Applied to a cutaneous lesion or ulcer usually with a marked wavy boarder.
Herpetic Relating to the Herpes Virus
Furfuraceous – Consisting of scaly particles such as dandruff
Petechiae – Small purple or red spots resulting for tiny haemorrhages under the skin such as flea bites
Circinate– Circular or ring shaped
Macule – A non raised discoloured spot on the skin
Papule – A small solid (usually inflamed) elevation of the skin that does not contain pus
Nodule – A small solid node that can be detected by touch
BullaAn elevated lesion of the skin usually containing fluid such as a blister
Vesicle – A small elevation of the epidermis containing a serous fluid.

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