Primary and Secondary Amenorrhoea in Adolescence and Puberty

A complex hormonal system regulates menstruation and the female menstrual cycle; however, if any malfunction within this system occurs such as within the hypothalamus, pituitary, ovaries, adrenal glands and thyroid gland then Amenorrhoea can occur.  
Primary Amenorrhoea Causes 
  • Defects within the uterus or fallopian tubes from birth. 

  • Disorders of developments (chromosomal) such as Turner’s syndrome where a cell only contains one X chromosome instead of two) 

  • Other genetic disorders affecting the female sexual development.  

Secondary Amenorrhoea 
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome. 

  • Hydatidiform mole. 

  • Asherman’s syndrome. 

  • Medication such as chemotherapy, anti psychotics, antidepressants, contraceptives and hallucinogenic drugs such as cocaine and opioids. This usually affects women who have already started having periods. 

  • Stress 

  • Excessive exercise 

  • Eating disorders 

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