Phosphoric Acid – Phos Ac and usefulness for treating ME

Myalgic encephalopathy
Phosphoric Acid
Exhaustion on attempting the smallest task
Being totally drained of energy as if the plug was pulled out
Wandering pain in the joints
Difficulty with sleeping despite exhaustion and waking unrefreshed
Loss of appetite
Allergies and skin reactions
Muscle symptoms which include severe fatigue upon exercise, muscle pain and spasms
Influenza-like malaise
Poor memory, concentration and balance
Sore throat, enlarged glands
Any physical activity – even walking up or down stairs – may put some ME sufferers in bed for days or weeks, and even cause a major relapse
Marked picture of debility
Exhaustion – mental debility then physical debility
Tearing pains in joints and bones
Sleep by day. Short sleep <weakness
Pain as if temples were crushed
Sleepiness after eating
Burning red rash, pimples, acne
Debility in muscles, cramps, Weak extremities
Chilliness, low fever/ profuse sweat
Impaired memory. Cannot collect thoughts. Difficult comprehension
Listless, apathetic, indifferent
Debility. <exertion.

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