Nutrient Deficiencies

Bone pain and deformities. Greater likelihood of fractures (due to bone thinning or osteoporosis), muscle spasms and tooth discolouration and greater susceptibility to painful tooth decay.
Folate (folic acid)
Fatigue and weakness (due to anaemia)
Fatigue and weakness (due to anaemia)
Muscles spasms
Diarrhoea, skin disorders, confusion (pellagra), and sore tongue.
Tissue swelling (edema) usually in legs: dry skin; and hair loss
Vitamin A
Night blindness
Vitamin B1
Pins and needles sensation, especially in the feet and heart failure
Vitamin B2
Sore tongue and cracks at edge of mouth
Vitamin B12
Fatigue and weakness (due to anaemia), pins and needles sensation and confusion
Vitamin C
Weakness and bleeding gums
Vitamin D
Bone thinning and bone pain
Vitamin K
Tendency to bruise and bleed

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