Homeopathic Remedies with a key affinity to the Uterus

Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 
Faxinus Americana 
Helonias Dioica 
Ustilago Maydus 
Indurated Cervix 
Tenderness in left inguinal region with bearing down pai, extending down thigh 
Pruritis of vulvae 
Soreness of uterus with pain shooting down thighs 
Metritis – Inflammation of the wall of the uterus 
Heavy, sore, tender ulcerated uterus 
Spongy uterus which bleeds easily 
Prolapsed uterus 
Prolapse with dragging down sensation in sacral region especially after miscarriage 
Uterus feels drawn into a knot 
Uterus fills up whole pelvis 
Uterus enlarged 
Heavy dragging in pelvis 
Hypertrophy of uterus 
Ossified uterus 

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