Dyspareunia, Provoked Vestibulodynia and Vaginismus including useful remedies and affinity to these complaints

Provoked Vestibulodynia 
DefinitionIs pain when women try to begin sexual intercourse or pain during intercourse. Is treated in relation to the pain sensation either Superficial pain or deep pain. 
Definition. Is increased sensitivity to pain in the area around the opening of the vagina, making even gentle touch or stimulation painful. It is considered to be the most common cause of Dyspareunia. 
Definition. Involuntary contraction of the muscles around the opening of the vagina in women with no abnormalities identified during examination.  
Superficial Pain 
Vaginal area does not secrete enough fluids resulting in vagina feeling dry and inadequate lubrication for intercourse.  
Medical professionals are not sure why it happens; however, it is related to the nerve pathways that conduct pain signals from the vulva and the parts of the brain that process those signals becoming physically changed and extremely sensitive. The muscles in the pelvis may also become tightened, increasing pain sensation.  
Can occur when a woman has sexual intercourse for the first time or later in life when attempting intercourse whilst emotionally stressed.  
Other Possible Causes 
Increased sensitivity of the genital area to pain (Provoked Vestibulodynia) as the most common cause. 
Inflammation of the genital area, (including herpes) vagina, or Bartholin’s glands. 
Inflammation or infection of the urinary tract 
Injuries in the genital area 
Allergic reaction to contraceptive foams, jellies or latex condoms 
Involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles (vaginismus) 
Rarely a congenital abnormality 
Surgery that narrows the vagina for example to repair post tear during childbirth 
A hymen that interferes with the entry of the penis. 
Extreme pain and sensitivity to touch 
Burning sensation after intercourse in the genital area 
Burning sensation after urination 
Chronic pain in the Jaw or pain due to IBS 
Pain on attempting intercourse 
Fear of intercourse as a result of pain experienced, thus increasing emotional stress 
Fear results in muscles becoming tighter still, thus making intercourse more painful 
Women cannot tolerate tampon insertion due to pain  
Deep Pain 
Infection of the cervix, which uterus or fallopian tubes such as PID which may cause pus or abscesses to form. 
Growths in the pelvis (tumours or ovarian cysts) 
Bands of scar tissue (adhesions) between organs in the pelvis which can form after an infection, surgery, or radiation therapy for cancer.  
Note. Radiation therapy can cause both superficial or deep pain due to scar tissues causing the vagina to be less stretchable 
Pain in vaginal area during intercourse during foreplay or insertion of the penis. 
CACTUS. As a result of the remedy affiliation with muscular fibres and constrictions Cactus may be beneficial in treating a woman with the above symptoms. In connection with the female, this remedy is indicated to treat constriction in the uterine region, pulsating pain in the uterus and vaginismus.
COFFEA. Coffea supports the stimulation of the functional activity of all organs, thus increasing the nervous and vascular activity. An indication of neuralgia and intolerance to pain could make the remedy ideal to the above symptoms and in relation to the female, Coffea is in dicated where hypersensitivity of the vulva and vagina are present.
HURA. This remedy is indicated when there is pain in the uterus, as if compressed or as if a sharp instrucment were thrust into it, which can be followed by laccinations in the vagina. Interestingly a mind symptom apparent in the proving, which can be related to the symptoms above as a result of the displeasure that can be experienced is ‘imagines she will lose some one dear to her’
LYSSIN. This nosode remedy affects the nervous system, throat and sexual organs where the senses become overacute. In relation with the female, Vaginal pain and oversensitivity renders sex to be painful with consciousness of the uterus and uterine displacements which could be suited to the above symptoms of a patient if present.
PLATINA. For the female requiring this remedy, the female genitals can be hypersensitive and vaginismus can be a symptom present, however, whereas a fear of sexual intercourse can be present as in the symptoms above, for the Platina patient, an increase in sexual appetite may occur, although the pain due to the hypersensitive genital area.

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