Zincum Metallicum

Zincum Metallicum


Remedy Source

The name Zinc possibly derives from the German word ‘zink’ meaning metal which was discovered in the 16th century by Paracelsus. It is a stable metal when in open air; however becomes covered with a white coating on exposure to moist air. Zincum has a tendency to oxidise when exposed to a corrosive medium which is known as a sacrificial protection. This is of note as Zincum Metallicum is <suppression and in the suppression or failure of eruptions. Interestingly, zinc is used in topical agents, particularly for the treatment of skin complaints such as eczema or commonly used for nappy rash creams, psoriasis and can be found in cosmetics such as anti-dandruff shampoos and antiperspirants. Not surprisingly, therefore Zincum Metallicum has a wide use to make a protective layer on things such as gutters etc


Brain, spinal and nerves


< Exhaustion and suppression

> Motion, free discharges, eruptions


Suppression that fags!

My being is open

unable to close

to stop words, noise and images

such as spectres and ghosts

from entering my mind

stopping me from resting

anxieties increasing,

it’s the noise I’m protesting.

Some respite is coming

evening’s not far away

close my eyes to stop it.

Just stop it I pray!

The symptoms aren’t appearing

my emotions are locked

Skin, menses and functions

all output is blocked.

A state of alertness

sleep offers no rest

from the crime I committed

as I wait for arrest.

Emotional turmoil

unable to express

I slept walked last night

exhausted! No rest!

The anger that’s burning

inside me. Not out

causing trembling and weakness

I just need to shout.

But that’s happening at night

when my body is sleeping

with my nerves still awake

my legs twitching and leaping.

I’d love to have company

but the noise I can’t bare

Friends tired of my moaning,

complaining and despair.

My repeating of questions

drives them all to distraction

as I answer things slowly,

Not the best interaction.

Overwork could be causing

this prostration of function

overstress isn’t helping

nor my sense of compunction.

My moods constantly changing

from laughing to sadness

tainted memory and cognition

Is this the feeling of madness?

Too much coming in

can’t process information.

brain and limbs disconnected

tired with frustration.

Feeling feeble and useless

as prostration sets in

Someone please stop the ants

crawling over and under my skin.

Nightime perspiration

profuse, damp and wet

my tubes leak excretions

urine, faeces found in bed.

The manifestation

of suppression is clear

give me Zincum Metallicum

to make my symptoms appear.

Then my healing can start

the direction of cure can begin

as my brain fag subsides

eruptions start on the skin.

I knew there was something

deep inside me affecting

it was the symptom suppression

toxins and poison collecting.

Causing the picture

of Zincum to appear in my case

now functions restored

my sanity can embrace.


Mappa Mundi

The mappa Mundi picture of Zincum Metallicum has a main axis between Fire and Air with a sub axis of Choleric and Phlegmatic. This is an accurate picture as demonstrates the polarities within the remedy of the passion and prostration that can be experienced by the individual within this state within the Fire/ Air axis and the constant state of alertness within the choleric temperament and lack of response and inertia within the phlegmatic.



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