Fear of People and Desire for Company Mind States

Fear of People and Desire for Company Mind States


Baryta Carbonica

Baryta Carb, has a main affinity on growth both physically, mentally and emotionally. In the case of ‘Fear of People’ the main influence is with regard to emotional maturity and mental ability to perform socially related tasks. As a possible result of this mental deficiency they can have a lack of self confidence, extreme shyness and a huge sense of inferiority. They can have a sense of being laughed at or mocked by others and the forgetting of well-known names that can occur reinforces their anxieties as a result of the emotional immaturity to be able to deal with it. These continued difficulties continue to manifest and they can begin to develop imaginary cares and worries.

Rubric Examples:

46, Mind, fear, people of

28, Mind, delusions, laughed at, imagines, she is.

84, Mind, stranger, presence of, agg

13, Mind, confidence, want of self

69, Mind, prostration of mind



The main feeling of Hyos is that of being suddenly let down, disappointed desserted, usually by the person to whom they feel completely dependent upon. They can experience extreme and diverse mental disturbances from hilarity to gloom. They have certain aspects of paranoia and persecution such as having been poisoned by someone, being watched or being pursued. They can have inhibited behaviours such as exhibitionism or disclosing details to others publically that would ordinarily remain private. However, as with the extreme mental symptoms, a sense of strong morality can ensue post inappropriate behaviour thus making them embarrassed and personally ashamed.

Rubric Examples:

46, Mind, fear, people of

30, Mind, delusions, persecuted, that he is

35, Mind, delusions, watched, she is being

31, Mind, delusions, poisoned, thought he had been

68, Mind, naked, wants to be

68, Mind, moral, feeling, want of



Lycopodium has an interesting mental picture, particularly in relation to the mental state of fear of people. The person in this state, may have lacking in self confidence, feeling of being incapable of performing tasks resulting in a level of anticipatory anxiety especially when meeting new people, facing new situations of challenges to overcome. There is a struggle between egotism and cowardice usually manifesting in the domineering of those of a subordinate nature and a respect for those in a

more powerful and superior position or status. This state can begin being mentally active but becomes weaker as time goes on and a fear of being corrected or found fault with ensues, resulting in further anxieties, which in turn reduces their self-esteem and increases their lack of self-confidence. There is also a delusional belief that they are not liked for being themselves but what they have achieved in life.

Rubric Examples:

13, Mind, confidence, want of self

46, Mind, fear, people of

4, Mind, anxiety

36, Mind, dictatorial

17, Mind, cowardice

88, Mind, Timidity

12, Mind, company, aversion to, presence of strangers, to


Natrum Carbonicum

The Natrum carbonicum mental state is one of a desire to form and maintain a relationship; however, with a delusion of a division between himself and other, they can experience a marked fear of sadness and isolation. As this fear and need is of high importance to them, they can develop a fear of people to prevent being hurt. They can have a severe inferiority complex, especially in forming relationships and the delusions of not succeeding or doing everything wrong. There can be a complete prostration of mind and despair and can avoid people during these times.

Rubric Examples:

46, Mind, fear, people of

9, Mind, aversion, persons, to certain

12, Mind, company, aversion to

12, Mind, company, avoids the sight of people

39, Mind, estranged, family, from her



The pulsatilla personality and mental state is one of having to adapt in order to survive, like the plant is required to bend in the wind to prevent breaking and subsequent death. However, underneath the soft exterior one can find a greed, jealousy and desire to get all the attention for themselves including a manipulation of the opposite sex by using their sexual charms and affection. There is a desire for affection but at the same time a fear of being abandoned with an overwhelming feeling of being totally alone. Interestingly as the need to adapt to the wind is evident, the mood changes can also change like the wind. Being affectionate one moment to anxious and discontented where everything can disgust them resulting in them becoming irritable and touchy, including delusions relating to both sexes.

Rubric Examples:

46, Mind, fear, people of

20, Mind, delusion, alone, she is, in the world

46, Mind, fear, men of

60, Mind, jealousy

35, Mind, delusions, women, evil are and will injure his soul.


Rhus Tox

The mental and emotional state of Rhus Tox is one of ‘something is going to happen’ accompanied by many fears such as being hurt of being murdered resulting in a state of sustained anxiety and nervousness. These symptoms can create a sense of paranoia of family members about to attack, including people looking at him/ her. There is an aspect of the fear of killing someone, which can result in them withdrawing from others in case this fear becomes a reality.

Rubric Examples:

29, Mind, delusions, looking at her that everyone is

29, Mind, delusions, murdered, that he would be

85, Mind, suspicious

45, Mind, fear, killing, of


Desire for Company


The rubric Mind, company, desire for applies to Hyos within one main key area. That of the need for someone with whom they become dependent upon in order to alleviate the fear of facing the dangers of the outside world alone and ability to cope with everyday life. They can feel sexually unattractive and the need for intimate company can reduce that self image delusion. They can achieve this ‘attention’ and relationship by acting with humour, being personable and jolly within a group setting. 


The Lycopodium state may have the desire for company; however, it can argued that this is to enable them to achieve the status they want in their life. They can desire the company of those people who they feel they are able to dictate to in order to compensate for their lack of self confidence that they can fear in social situations. 


This remedy can desire company, similarly for the support to face the world; however it is more of a childish need for affection, protection and tenderness. They are alleviate by consolation within their relationship and can be described as weepy people. This desire is mainly related to survival as the inner weakness of not being able to cope is a key aspect of the remedy picture. 

Reconciling and alternate states

As the above information illustrates, the remedies as with any picture can have polar opposites with regard to all states such as physical, mental and emotional. Ideally pictured by the Mappa Mundi model the axis can easily identify such opposites in order to prescribe the appropriate remedy and assess the patient journey to cure.

In connection with the three remedies highlighted; Hyos, Lyc and Puls, the information has demonstrated how the alternate states can manifest in relation to the fear of people or desire for company rubrics. Each has unique characteristics within their picture, and it is necessary to prescribe at the right potency in order to bring about an equilibrium between the two. However, the patient could be presenting with both states resulting in further complications in the psychological state due to the mixture of emotions they could be experiencing and confusion of mind. It is important to note that the patient may be attempting to reconcile this imbalance by remaining stagnant in their life and not avoiding people but also not actively seeking company, which in the longer term will not address the mental/ emotional healing that is required.



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