Remedy Synthesis – CAMPHORA

Remedy Source

Camphor is derived from a gum tree, known as the Camphor Laurel that can be found in Asia and has the potential to grow to a size of the European Oak Tree. The remedy source is the ‘gum’ that penetrates the whole tree and has a potent odour that is described as volatile, thus meaning the odour becoming airborne when exposed to the elements. It has many current and historical uses including culinary where it is used in sweet and sour dishes and most recently mainly being used in sweet confectionary. Medicinal, where in Arabic countries is topically applied to sprains, swellings and inflammation and produces cooling feelings when in contact with the skin, acting as a slight anaesthetic. Orally, camphor has been used to treat minor heart symptoms, fatigue and in some cases, mania. Interestingly and of note in the synthesis is the ceremonial use of Camphor in the Hindu religion. Within such communities, camphor is used in the burning of the sacred flame and burns with a cool flame leaving no ashes behind. However, is mainly used in open air temples today due to the high carbon deposits it can leave behind after burning due to the risk to people’s health, in particular breathing and Emphysema risks.

The effects Camphor can have on the body is similar to that of Muscarnic receptor agonists that are substances that affect the cellular membranes, neurons and cells themselves such as, Tachycardia, flushing of the skin, slow breathing and reduced appetite in small doses to irritability, disorientation, lethargy, muscle spasms, vomiting, stomach cramps, seizures and convulsions when Camphor is present in large doses.

As the above information highlights, Camphor was and still is a widely used substance and has many physical characteristics that fit the homeopathic remedy picture. The picture that is present in the remedy, (illustrated mainly by the mappa mundi map on the last page) is reflected in the source such as burning heat with a cool flame, sweet and sour use in cooking, and cooling feeling upon contact with the skin as a result of inflammation/ sprains that are considered hot in their origin.


Camphora – A remedy of Tension

I close my eyes and answer no questions.

My mind not aware of impeding intentions.

Like the darkness I fear due to spectres and evil,

the furniture alive and possessed by a devil.


Dear God where are you at this time of my need,

you deserted my life with incredible speed.

The devil’s replaced all the goodness you brought,

with evil and terror, now in fear overwrought.


The anger, the rage, the violent excitement.

Uncontrollable thoughts, a murderous indictment.

Exhaustion becomes my opposite person.

The state that I’m in I feel will just worsen.


The mania takes hold, my head in frenzy

emotions a seesaw, acting aggressively.

Then sudden coldness, descends on my being.

Loss of sensation, unconsciousness deepening.


I am dead, I am gone, is this death? Has it found me?

No! I’m alive, I am here, I’m so happy.

The pains hot and burning, tearing and tender,

inflamed nerves and organs. Prostration surrendered.



I am cold, I uncover, windows open, air around me.

But hot like a flash, turn the heat up and cover me.

Now the coldness again, take them off. I need cooling,

nothing can help as this pendulum’s fuelling.


I want to jump out bed and jump out of window,

as my nurse looks upon me thinking ‘god he’s a weirdo.

Nothing will please him, or mellow his mood,

he rips of his clothing. He’s incredibly crude.’


My brain is confused. My body is more so,

as the heat, cold and pain, penetrates through my torso.

The thirst appears sudden, I could drink a whole ocean.

Or my thirst disappears in the pictures commotion.


And now I have urges so erotic and manic,

building inside, the pressure volcanic.

But suddenly nothing, inadequate experience,

the urge unfulfilled due to sudden impotence.


And then electric pulses race through my nerves

convulsions and seizures take away my reserves.

A blueness and coldness, a coma comes forth

as a choleric state with Camphor symptoms absorbed.

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