Lilium Tigrinum – Lil T


The Tiger Lily plant is a beautiful flower originating from the East, in particular China. The flowers are all colours with six petals in usually two or three spirals. The Tiger Lily in particular is commonly orange in colour with purple inky spots that resemble the fur of the tiger. Within the remedy picture, both the plant and animal kingdoms can be seen.

Affinities – Pelvic Organs (particularly Female), Venous circulation (heart)


Easy Tiger. You delicate petal!

Are you okay petal? His hand on my shoulder.

How fucking dare you! My words like a boulder

hit him straight on. He steps back as if hit.

Don’t bloody come near me. You patronising shit!

Am I going crazy or wild in my head?

I know I’m a bitch, then an animal in bed.

Oh god please forgive me for the sins I have done.

Shit! Look at the time! I better run.

So little time yet so much to do,

no time to talk, especially to you!

I won’t get it finished. Too busy you see.

Then must be home early, so he can satisfy me.

Why am I crying? Someone’s turned on the tap.

He better be horny or I’m likely to snap.

Oh god please forgive me, my thoughts are impure.

My actions are sinful that those around me endure.

Keeping busy’s my penance, like a fever possessing,

And now the sensation of pushing and pressing.

My innards are falling, need to sit, cross my legs,

Thoughts start a wander, disasters I dread.

Would you like a coffee madam? No I don’t I’m just sitting.

My reply like this morning, cutting and ripping.

Arriving home, don’t relax, keep busy, must keep going

Cannot wait til he’s back, my desire again flowing.

He’ll be tired I know, from last nights great sex,

But he knows what will happen if my advances rejects.

A tigress will snarl, growl or kill for her needs

My husband’s my prey. My hunt always succeeds

to feed the oestrus I’m feeling, animal kingdom whence came

Dear God please forgive me, I’m going insane.

The phone rings, ‘Hi petal, I’m running late. Don’t wait up.’

My reply, ‘you bastard!’ kitchen wall meets a cup!

Depression is descending like my organs below,

the hunt this time failed, a terrible blow.

This room’s getting warm, need to be cooler, go outside

Walk faster and faster, animal instincts to hide.

My hysteria is brewing,  God, please hear my confession,

Have no time to pray now, must keep busy…….suppression!

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