Hyoscyamus is derived from the plant known as Henbane and in particular is known as ‘Hairy Henbane.’ It is considered to be a highly poisonous plant causing symptoms such as hallucinatory madness to profound sleepiness all of which are apparent in the remedy picture.
Affinities – Mind, brain, nerves and muscles.

Moments of Perfect Madness

The mirror, a reflection, staring back I see
an unattractive specimen. Why is she still with me?
What if she’s feeling sorry. Hence the reason we’re together.
Perhaps she’s plotting an exit to prevent being here forever.
Is she poisoning my dinner or has she done the dirty deed?
The rest of my life in solitude, I fear that this will lead.
My mind full of suspicion. Who’s the bloke she must be seeing?
I’ll kill her if she leaves me. My dependence on her needing.
I can feel the fear and panic as I wait for her return,
The thoughts of betrayal, disappointment with my anger begin to burn.
The violent thoughts have started coming, the suspicion, personality switching,
The nervousness I’m experiencing, muscles starting twitching.
I can’t sit still, feel restless. Hurried, get the jobs all done.
Before my body breaks up, dissolving. Now the poisoning’s begun.
I know I am not paranoid, but persecuted I am being.
Can’t trust all of those around me with the plotting I’m not seeing.
I’m sitting now, just thinking about the party last weekend.
The life and soul I have to say was me, although a tendency to offend.
Like when I unzipped my flies, no undies and wandered around the room for all to see,
Playing with my manhood shouting ‘Wifey! Look at me!”
The shock on people’s faces, hilarious! And the whispers. What were they saying?
‘Darling, what are you doing? Get your coat we are not staying!’
In the car the guilt came over me, scruples and conscience reminding
me of appropriate behaviour, but this madness is truly blinding.
And the the gloom descends, a cloud of dark, hallucinations become reality
Energy now leaving me have I’ve lost my true vitality?
Like the running water I fear the most, my soul is being washed away,
I hope my wife returns to me, I hope to God, I pray.
The tiredness. Exhaustion. Taking hold. I need to rest.
The stupor in my body. Brain, nerves and muscles does infest.
She has returned, a kiss on cheek. ‘Had a good day?’ she asks quite cheery.
‘Ok’ I reply. Still seated. My voice and tone oh so weary.
My energy now taken as I answered her in the hall.
No mirror, no reflection. I’m now a statue staring at the wall.

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