Source A member of the Sundew family due to the sticky substances upon it that attracts insects as its food source. It is classified as an insectivorus plant due to the fact that it traps insects and digests them by utilising the release of bacterial activity. Folkloree andd medicinal uses include the plant being used as love charm by covertly placing some petals inside the clothing of the person to be placed under the spell, the removal of freckles and as an aphrodisiac and treatment against old age. It is known for its antispasmodic properties and has a relaxant affect on the bronchial muscles. Affinities – Respiratory organs. Bones, long bones and joints. Larynx and Chest

Out to get me!
Like the plant enticing. The dew inviting.
The pollen beckoning. Insect day of reckoning.
The dewy appearance. Natural interference
of what is expected. The insect digested.
Just like my life. Friends cut like a knife
with their lies and deceiving. The persecution I’m feeling.
Stabbed in the back. Independence I lack
as dependent on them. Like the insect and stem.
But their not what I thought. Trapped and they’ve caught
me in the lair that they’ve set. Friends now a threat.
Mistrust is a theme, as the falseness I’ve seen.
Envy and spite. Bad things come in the night,
when alone I get sight, ghostly appearance cause fright.
Here, out to get me, cause untold anxiety.
Concentration impaired, paranoid and scared.
Restlesss and sad. How people are bad
to others affects me. The hurt, no humanity.
I stay focussed on task, obstinate to the last
But sometimes need change, when concentration’s deranged.
From one task to other, oh why do I bother,
But plans must be met, achievements a threat
of interruption from those, whom my anger oppose
to trifles I frown, I could easily drown to
end all this pain, the coldness can drain
the shivers and sweats, at night time I get.
The soreness and stitching, shooting and twitching
Easily tiring, energy expiring.
The choking and whooping, coughing and stooping
need the open to breathe, walk to relieve.
Kill or be killed. In my hour of need.
Drosera’s the animal and plant that I need.

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