Inside the Cann-i Mind

Watching the world from my glass cage prison
Locked in. Unable to face the outside world.
Excited monkeys. My mind jumping.
The true results of the spliffs unfurled.

Fragrant leaves, inhaling deep and holding,
each breath transporting my mind to the sky.
Travelling soul now left my body.
Wanting achievement of spiritual high.

Unprepared, unlike my spiritual ancients.
Naive of the worlds to which my mind travels.
The beauty, the awe, the brightness I witness,
as the insecurities of self and my mind unravels.

Stuck between two worlds of duality,
a feeling of double descends on my being.
Madness and sanity polarities present.
I cannot believe the beauty I’m seeing.

Channels to worlds are open and closing.
The top of my head, a victim of such.
Hallucinations both visual and hearing.
Euphoric, depressed. Laughing and weeping so much.

Distance is infinite, so peaceful in time.
The floating sensation. The music that carries.
The rationalisation I use as control,
to stop loved ones believing I’m away with the fairies.

I cannot remember, my memory’s poor.
Confusion in thought. Forget what to say.
But loquacious I am as a tool for avoidance
for confidence gone to cope with my life today.

The world and all in it is distorted and strange.
Inner boredom requires a stimulant aid.
But later my appetite increases. Can’t stop it!
Control lost, anger and strong reactions now made.

Satisfaction not satiated, a sense I need more.
Urges increase such as sexual desire.
But thoughts I can’t follow, ideas left behind.
Mind uncontrollable like a deep forest fire.

Oh beauty, peace and tranqility’s mine.
I look up whilst undressing and my clothes become stars.
Consciousness levels raised beyond expectations.
Cann-I required to heal my mind scars.

Grounding is needed to bring me back down to earth.
My body and soul reunitied as one.
Thoughts and memory re-established to normal
Emotional turmoil and dis-ease be gone!

A Gentle miracle post by David

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