Conium Remedy

Conium Maculatum
Remedy Source
Conium Maculatum is commonly known as the poisonous plant Hemlock which belongs to the Carrot family. Native to Europe, Western Asia and North Africa it is commonly found along roadsides, rail tracks and the edges of fields and is sometimes used in Europe as a garden plant. Growing to a height of two metres, the stem has the appearance of purple blotches and the white flowers appear segmented and umbrella like, emitting an odour that has been likened to urine. IT is considered a notoriously poisonous plant renowned for its use in the execution of Socrates in ancient Greece and as a pain reliever for those facing death by stoning or crucifixion under Jewish law.
Today the effects of the plant can be seen in livestock where Hemlock is reported to have caused abnormalities in gait, coordination, depression, trembling and reduced milk production to name but a few.

Remedy Synthesis
Unnoticed takes hold
like a shadow creeping.
Vital force overpowered,
limbs slowly weakening.

My physical’s a prisoner
of gradual decline.
Muscular impotence,
control is not mine.

Attacked from the darkness,
not knowing to fight.
Worsening daily,
Dis-ease out of sight.

Dear Hemlock you have me.
Your hands taking hold,
your grip slowly tightening,
your motives untold.

My nerves under influence
but not of my brain.
Trembling and jerking.
Limbs turning lame.

My body is hardening.
Glands become stone,
Like bead chains on string.
Lymph elasticity gone.

A worse fate is looming,
Malignancy rife.
My breasts hard and swollen.
You’re taking my life.

The world sometimes spinning,
my head turns create,
a vertigo feeling
with dizziness make.

I cannot eliminate
that I need to expel,
of urine and stool
paresis is hell.

Mirroring physical,
I’m losing my mind.
As Hemlock takes hold
my emotions are blind.

My memory’s weak,
of that I now know.
When looking back,
how my mind’s become slow.

I long to give passion,
for urges denied.
Oh grief how you tease me
to push them inside.

And how superstition
has become part of me.
Am I going mad?
or is this insanity?

I want to be nice
But I do not know how.
With my emotions hardened.
My heart solid now.
I used to take company,
but now makes me worse.
As my brain cannot cope,
with others’ chapter and verse.

My ideas are fixed
as if etched in stone.
But my mind’s a reflection
of the me, that’s now bone.

I’m turning inward,
mind, body and soul.
Oh Hemlock please leave me.
My ultimately goal.

I feel I am dying,
the outcome’s been sold.
I hear those around me
saying they’d hate to be old.

But give me Conium,
before it’s too late.
I think of poor Socrates
and my similar fate.

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A Gentle miracle post by David

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