Anacardium is considered to be a key remedy for profound lack of self confidence, inner conflict and has strong elements and infinities to schizophrenic symptomology within its picture. Other keynotes to take into consideration are a continued marked weakness in the individual and a suppressed anger.

Doctrine of Signatures
The remedy Anacardium is sourced as a mother tincture from the resin found within the fruit of the marking nut tree. In Greek, Anacardium can be directly translated to ‘without a heart’ due to the nature of the seed not growing within the nut itself but rather out of the end. Here, a first rubric association and relationship can be found. Mind, Hardhearted, inexorable, Mind, Cruelty can indicate that within the anacardium state, the hardness the person can portray reflects the Greek name of the remedy source.
The tree is a large shrub like tree which is lofty in appearance with a rough bark and numerous spreading branches that have foliage of large oval dark leaves that grow from relatively short stalks. The flowers that grow upwards from small stalks are small in comparison to the large green leafage and are a green/ yellow. Mind, delusions influence, one is under a powerful could be argued to be reflecting the plant growth and biological differences between the flowers/ nut size in contrast to the large leaves described.
Inside the shell of the fruit there is a resin that is milky in colour when fresh and contained; however, once exposed to air becomes black in colour. A comparison here to the anacardium state can be made with the association of colours and emotional states. White has long been associated with purity and good whereas black is associated with the darkness and evil sides of human kind. Mind, delusions, devil speaking in one ear, prompting to murder. Angel in the other ear, prompting to acts of benevolence could be rubrics associated with such a phenomenon within the plant material. Interestingly, the resin, if in contact with the skin can cause a contact skin eruption and Skin, eruptions eczema is a symptom that can be indicative of the need for the remedy to be prescribed.

Mappa Mundi
The Mappa Mundi picture of Anacardium has an axis between fire and air and lies between all four temperaments of Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic and Melancholic. It can be argued that this combination of possibly all four temperament traits illustrates the mental state that the anacardium patient finds themselves experiencing. However, to assess the main key aspects of symptomology presented and indeed, what is to be cured by anacardium as a remedy, further exploration of the mappa mundi is required.

Main Axis and the Elemental Associations

The main axis of the remedy is between fire and air and it is here we see the first key aspects of the remedy coming to the fore. Fire for example is related to heat, warmth, love and joy. It is this element that strengthens self-confidence and maintains radiance and expression Mind, confidence, want of self confidence is one rubric where Anacardium is indicated as black type remedy for the treatment of such symptomology. One key theme of the anacardium picture is the lack of self-confidence that can present itself within the patient. Usually as a result of suppression possibly from an authoritarian figure, either at work, personal relationship or familial history, which can impact on the strength of an individual both, physically and emotionally and a lack of power ensues throughout all layers of the patient. Mind, memory weakness of memory, Extremities, weakness. Vision, weak. Hearing, impaired are all examples of rubrics with anacardium indicated as the remedy.
Fire is related to the world of motivation, passion and links directly with the central nervous system and brain in particular. Concerned with the world of images, thus having an affinity with the eyes and the sense of vision, the anacardium mind state can be further explored. Mind delusions mirror, face, seeing everybody’s face in the mirror except his own, is an excellent example of how, when the balance in this element is not in harmony, distorts the visual perception and reality of the individual concerned. The rubric just mentioned could also relate to the self-confidence issues that are found within this remedy’s picture. The visual distortion experienced could be a sensory projection of their self-confidence, thus seeing everyone else as in existence but not themselves.
As stated above, the general weakness experienced can penetrate all layers of the individual and especially the mind/ memory; however, the memory difficulties also penetrate further. Mind memory read for what he has. Mind memory words of. Mind memory thought for thought for what he just has. Mind memory seen. For everything what he has are further examples of such memory difficulties experienced that cause further impact on levels of self-confidence for example, Mind, fear, failure examination in.
At its polar end of the axis, the air element can be found within the anacardium mappa mundi. Mainly related to the world of thought and allowing thoughts to flow freely, the remedy picture here can be attributed to the inner turmoil that occurs within the patient. There is a marked indifference within the remedy and indeed this directly relates to the feelings of indifference the patient can experience. Mind, indifference is another rubric where anacardium is highlighted in black type. As stated above, the senses are also related to this element, and it is here the anacardium patient may require balance to cure the weakness experienced within the hereing and auditory senses. This weakness can also present as auditory hallucination, Mind, delusions, voices hearing, follow that he must is another example of such symptoms becoming apparent in this area. Air can also be spiritually linked with the concept of death and the fear of death ensuing. Anacardium patients can experience Mind, fear disease, of impending, incurable, of being and this aspect of the elemental influence could be the cause of such fears becoming apparent. This element is associated with many dark fears and again the rubrics Mind, fear, evil fear of. Mind delusions, devil present is and Mind, delusions devil sees could all become apparent in the individual’s case. A sense of detachment can also be experienced with Mind, delusions separated, world from the, he is separated and Mind delusions, separated, thoughts are separated from him, strange rubrics showing within the case.
Conversely, an over expression of air can manifest as leading an individual to live within a dream world. Mind, dream, as if in a can be experienced by the patient and has been reported within key materia medica literature. Air, as an element is polar opposite Fire. Whereas Fire can be considered as hot, air is considered cold and the modality of worse for cold runs throughout the anacardium picture. An example of such opposites is with the concept of religion and the remedy. Fire seeks God whereas air seeks meaning. Mind, religious affections is a good example here of the fire element influence with Mind, religious, want of religious feeling being related air, in particular to alleviate fears of death, evil or moral affirmation. Mind, moral, feeling, want of.
Interestingly, the aspect of cold further extends to the reasoning of the individual. Mind, cruelty and Mind, unsympathetic are both rubrics relating to the personality trait of coldness, and echo the hard heartedness as discussed in the doctrine of signatures section.

Temperament relationships
The axis of anacardium lies between the four main temperaments, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic and sanguine. Taking this into consideration the following key aspects of each temperament could relate directly to the anacardium picture as a result of the axis positioning.
The choleric temperament can be considered as the dynamic/ active personality with an affinity to courage, ambition and formality. They can have a personality of the person who considers that ‘nothing gets in my way and nothing stops me’ in order for them to achieve what they desire. Although the anacardium mind state, is one of lack of self-confidence, there is an element of hardness about them in order to succeed to prove it to themselves in order to counteract the level of inferiority they can experience. Here, if in a position of power, their attitude to those below them can be dictatorial and ‘bullying’ in order to show what they can achieve to the more powerful influence above them, this temperament are frequently putting other people down in order to achieve the end result. Choleric are also considered to have explosive anger, and it is this characteristic that relates to the remedy with some accuracy. Mind, anger. Mind, anger, besides oneself being. Is a keynote anger related behaviour that can be present as a result. Interestingly, a physical symptom could lie within this temperament. Positioned between fire and earth which associated to sensations could be considered as hot and dry, the symptoms of skin, eruptions, eczema could present as a hot and dry irritation to the individual.
Sanguine is considered to be an expansion and open temperament and is classified as one of the most emotional types of the four. Lying between fire and water it combines heat and damp which can be described as steam. In the anacardium picture, the main elements of extrovert and spontaneous may not directly apply; however concerned with the childhood age of main, certain aspects of this temperament can become apparent within the mental picture. Patients requiring the remedy, can find themselves within domineering relationships that are more adult- child in there manifestations. Often becoming subservient to the more domineering partner either work related, friendship or indeed lover. Sankaran, describes this temperament/ age of man relationship within the soul of remedies as ‘the anacardium could be wife of a selfish tyrant who rules with an iron fist, and does not allow her to take any decisions……….she may be childish, idiotic and timid out of lack of self-confidence and fear.’ Through such suppression, the anger experienced by the individual becomes more and more internalised, until the explosive anger of the choleric temperament is seen. As mentioned, the element of fire and water makes steam and the well known metaphor of the angry person with steam coming out of their ears could be relevant. Mind, forsaken, isolation, sensation of is one main mental symptom that can be experienced by the patient as the sanguine temperament is needy of others and the lack of ‘fitting in’ due to the levels of self-confidence could be key to this being experienced. The need to prove themselves, to the more domineering partner can also be referred to here as the fear of being forsaken by them as a result of failure or displeasure would be crucial to their holding on to any confidence they have left.
The phlegmatic temperament is one of passivity, muddled, indecisiveness and submission in its manifestation. Lying between water and air, the cold air and moisture becomes a mist/ fog and this is a good description of the mind state of the anacardium patient. Taking into consideration the rubrics already referred to it is possible to argue that they can also be related to this temperament. Weakness, as previously explained is a key thread within the remedy and the slowness experienced by this temperament can directly relate to such weaknesses, in memory, physical organs such as legs and arms and the weakness of will. Mind, will, weakness of. Mind, will contradiction of. Mind two wills, sensation as if he had. Mind, will two wills, sensation as if he had, commanding what the other forbids, are all rubrics that lead to being indecisive, muddled and slow in decision making and can be the result of being suppressed by a domineering influence that does not allow self expression or independent decision making. Of interest, is the fear of anger and domination the phlegmatic temperament can possess. The explosive anger that can present can result and Mind, antagonism with herself can be worthy of note here especially, within the elements of post anger or cruelty when a want of moral feeling can be experienced. The impaired vision, hearing and indeed the hallucinatory symptomology can all lead an individual to live within a muddled world. Brain ‘fog’ as lack of recall can be described is an accurate description of the combination of the two elements of water and air coming together within this temperament. Physically, the sensations of being constricted or banded, (generals, plug sensation of internally and generals constriction internal, band, sensation of a) can be considered within this elemental mix. Water is concerned with flow and it is flow in this aspect that feels blocked or restricted in some way. Rectum, plug, sensation of a, pressing out is a good example here as the patient can experience an urge to pass stool but when attempting to go, the rectum feels as though a plug is preventing evacuation. Head, constriction, band or hoop is yet another example of the physical sensation experienced, which can further enhance the feeling of muddled or fog in their thinking and decision making, not to mention the physical sensations as mentioned.
This temperament lies between air and earth and the qualities of dry earth and cold air which, when combined can bring together visualisations of frosty nights or indeed dust storms. This can relate to those in despair and has aspects of being closed and contracted. Physically associated to the intestines, the digestive symptoms that the person can experienced could be related to this temperament and elemental combination. The mental feelings of feeling repressed which in psychological terms can be defined as the unconscious exclusion of painful impulses, desires or fears from the conscious mind. This again shows the lack of empathy, conscience and indeed cruel acts that can be carried out by the person. The issues of resentment also manifest in this area, Mind, hatred. Mind, hatred, revengeful, hatred mind are rubrics that can be found relating to this area. The anacardium picture is one of suppressed anger due to the resentment of being suppressed in order to be a free thinker with confidence and it is this aspect that the melancholic can experience. Mind, suspicious is also a fundamental rubric under this temperament to consider. The mind state of the individual due to the level of ‘muddle’ in their thinking, feels as though they need to be suspicious of those around them, both above in the power balance and indeed below. The suspicion can lead to further outbursts of anger particularly when contradicted due to the level of suspicion held, resulting in the rubric Mind, anger, contradiction from becoming apparent. The melancholic, at their lowest state may also have suicidal thoughts or tendencies, Mind, suicidal disposition. Mind, suicidal disposition, shooting by and Mind, suicidal disposition, thoughts are all rubrics with anacardium indicated as a possible remedy.
Summary of Mappa Mundi
As this section demonstrates, the anacardium patient can find themselves at polar ends of the axis with regard to fire and air within their mental and physical symptomology and their combination of the four temperaments influences their current state of mind at the time of case taking and mind state presentation. Here the picture of schizophrenia alluded to in the introduction can be clarified. Schizophrenia is medically termed as any group of psychotic disorders usually characterised by withdrawal from reality, illogical patterns of thinking, delusions and hallucinations and accompanied in varying degrees of emotional, behavioural or intellectual disturbances. As the preceding synthesis has demonstrated by lying on an axis between all four personality types and elemental influences, it can be argued that such schizophrenic symptoms relate directly to the picture presented and a balance along he axis to support a cure towards harmony and balance between all mappa mundi elements is required to support the patient.

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