How to get an NHS referral to Homeopathy. by the BHA

Getting an NHS referral for homeopathy

Asking to be referred

If there is a homeopathic GP in your area, you may be able to register with them – use our practitioner search to find out if there is one near you. Otherwise, you will need to ask your current doctor or specialist for a referral to one of the homeopathic hospitals or clinics, or to a homeopathic GP who takes NHS referrals. Your doctor can either use the choose and book system or apply directly to the Primary Care Trust (PCT) or Local Health Board (LHB) on your behalf.

Your GP must take your request seriously

Under the terms of his/her contract, your GP is obliged to refer you for other NHS services if you ask for them. Referral to doctors working at the homeopathic hospitals, clinics and in private practice fulfills this responsibility.

Your GP will want to be satisfied that the treatment you request meets your needs and he/she may want to know if there is evidence to back it up. You can use our two page summary of evidence to show your doctor that there is a good body of positive research in homeopathy. We can also provide you with information on your specific condition in some cases – call us on 01582 408675 to find out.

If your GP decides that homeopathic treatment is not appropriate, he or she should discuss this with you. If you do not feel that your GP has given you a satisfactory explanation there are other things you can do:

1. Contact the BHA – we can help you make a good case for asking your GP to re-consider their decision.
2. Request a second opinion from another doctor at the practice.
3. Register with another GP in your area who is open to referring patients for homeopathy.

Got a referral but there’s no local funding?

It is likely that your referral to a homeopathic hospital or clinic will be funded by your PCT in England or LHB in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However some GPs might not know about the funding arrangements for NHS homeopathy, in which case the homeopathic hospital where the referral is being requested can usually advise.

There are some PCTs/LHBs that restrict access to homeopathic treatment and who will only fund GPs to refer patients in exceptional cases. If this is the case where you live, your referral will go to a panel of doctors and managers who will decide whether your treatment can be funded. The PCT/LHB must ensure that your request is considered on its individual merits.

If funding for homeopathy is refused

If you still cannot get the initial referral from your GP or specialist, of if you have the referral but the funding is refused, you may like to make a formal complaint. If you live in England and want to take your case further, contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS). To find your nearest PALS contact, telephone NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or visit
If you live in Wales, your local Community Health Council can point you in the right direction. In Scotland, the Scottish Health Council can help you and in Northern Ireland, the local Health Council can guide you. These bodies will help you to liaise with the practice, PCT or LHB making the decision.

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