Medicine Man. I wrote this on the train home the other day as it is sometimes frustrating how orthodox medicine doesn’t always recognise the power of Homeopathy.

The medicine man
With his bag in hand
Giving the pills
As taught in the land

Of prescribing the poisons
The symptoms it treats
The person’s receiving
vital force depletes

When will they learn
Suppression is wrong
Vital force needs to cure
with its resonance song

The dis-ease needs treating
With a similar tune
An holistic vibration
The body makes room

for cure to be gentle
rapid and true
To the body’s own rhythm
Permanent and you

can heal as your body
is meant to get well
with a gentle miracle
instead of chemical hell!

Hahnemann gave us
A gift to be shared
Homeopathy born
Suppression is spared

Sceptics all hate us
Our hearts will hold true
To the soft gentle miracles
Homeopathy can do

May 2011

A gentle miracle post by David.

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