Letter from Sepia

Mrs Sepia
Fit Boot Camp

Dear David,
Well, I got away. Bill is now looking after the kids as I needed the break. I don’t feel too guilty as Bill said it would do me good as have been a bit grouchy lately to say the least!
Anyway, I decided to come to boot camp, I found it online and seemed ideal!
I’ve booked a single ensuite room as I don’t want to socialise too much as I’m totally exhausted, especially with the itinerary and its all optional so I can pick and choose what I do, but you know what I’m like the more tired I feel the better I exercise and boy have they some selection to choose from. My trainer George is ok but he started to shout at me in one session, but I soon told him that me being here pays his wages so have some respect, well a spade is a spade after all! Anyway my routine is:

7am. Thai Chi. Ok but a bit too airy fairy for me.
8am breakfast. Depends on how I feel but this morning I ate like a pig as couldn’t get full.
9am Lifestyle coaching. Quite good actually but I don’t think he realises exactly what being a mother entails and the hard work that goes with it. Especially the exhaustion.
10am Aerobics – High Impact with weights. Bring it on love it.
11am Optional Jog. No guessing which one I do? Well its pointless wasting my muscles already being warmed up after aerobics so I enjoy a nice 5 mile run around the grounds and local area.
12 midday. Lunch. Although sometimes I miss this as too exhausted to eat like today, so I thought I’d write to you instead.
1pm. Had a massage today. Boy was she a bitch! I’m sure she broke a rib and its now sticking in me!
2pm. Boxercise. Loving this one! I think the whole family have been named as the punch bag!
3pm aquarobics. This is ok but I find the water chilly so have passed a couple of times. But today I’m probably going to miss it again as feeling down so will probably stay in my room and have a good cry, like I did yesterday.
4pm yoga. I pushed myself yesterday and really stretched but wish I hadn’t really as I thought my insides were going to drop out in the warrior pose.
5pm Freetime, or I like to think about is as a nap.
7pm. Dinner and relax. Nice food but sometimes the smells are overpowering and turn my stomach.
All in all I love it. Weather is good but last night a massive storm hit, it was great, opened my window wide and watched the lightening and the thunder was fantastic! It’s fab that I can just roam around in the trackie bottoms and sweat shirts I bought. No skirts for me on this trip thank God, especially after yoga. Three more days to go then its back to the Grind of housework, cooking, laundry, and tidying the mess that Bill and the kids have probably left for me as usual. Must catch up for a coffee when I get back if I’m not too exhausted or see you at circuit training!

Love Sepia

A gentle miracle post by David.

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