Letter from Arsenicum

Arsenicum The Warldorf

Dear David,
I hope you are well, as was worried about your health before I left, as you couldn’t shift that cold, but hopefully you have got rid of it now and are ok.
As you can see we have checked into the Warldorf in London for a long weekend and what a beautiful place this is. We haven’t gone away for a longer period this time as I am worrying about work and Pete’s job so I thought it best we stay on home shores and nearer home just in case.
Well, we booked into a mini suite which I have to say is a little slice of heaven. The furnishings are so beautifully done and matching with the heavy lined curtains that frame the most amazingly clean windows!
The art work is somewhat mixed and the guilt frames all match and are hung in the room with an eye for detail. Haven’t had to straighten one of them, yet!
The bathroom is like a palace, the marble floor is heated, mirrors shining without a finger mark on them and the gold taps are perfectly polished.
I love the little toiletries that the chambermaid puts in the bathroom every morning when she cleans the room. Natural floral products all in the sweetest bottles that she lines up in size order, the shampoo, the shower gel then the moisturiser all on a gleaming silver tray on the shelf. They’re so lovely, I don’t like to use them as then it messes up the display. Pete told me a little trick so if I do take one and only use half, we place the half empty bottle in my suitcase and then the display is replaced with another full one! Well, you can’t have a half empty bottle in a bathroom like this can you?
The dresses I packed were ideal and have worn everything but one so far which I am saving for our last dinner. When we arrived the porter took our bags upstairs to the suite and we were offered champagne in the lounge. When we eventually got to the room, I was somewhat shocked to find everything unpacked! I wasn’t expecting that, and Pete said I was a bit paranoid when I went through everything to make sure nothing had been stolen or missing. Also I was very relieved to know that everything matched, especially the underwear as he had even unpacked them and put them in a drawer! Phew! Well, you can’t have people thinking that I wear non matching undies can you!
Dinner is exquisite and the service cannot be faulted, we even had a water waiter!!! The table setting was divine and all laid out and probably measured! That’s an idea for my next dinner party.
Am worrying about the children not being with us but they are at the grandparents so should be ok. I’ve called twice just to make sure as I think Billy was coming down with the same thing that you have had recently. Pete keeps telling me not to worry but easy for him to say!
So worries aside, the trip is lovely and we are off to the west end tonight to see a show that Pete has booked and won’t tell me what we are seeing, I hate not knowing as it means he has the control! Right you take care and keep well and will catch up soon.

Love Arsenicum.

A gentle miracle post by David.

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